About Studio Everywhere


Studio Everywhere” is a dream and a stand.  We look forward to taking the first step in a life long commitment to drive change through art, and plan to conduct “who we are” art workshops with children from around the world.

10304433_728940850518859_3127972163904957498_nExploring how different cultures respond and inviting artful expression will open a unique lens of an innocent and real side of the global community.  We’d like to experience, document and share this positive story, and trust it would open doors for others who may be looking to understand, actively engage, educate, and empower a better tomorrow.


We will travel to nations in Asia, Europe, South America and beyond and invite children to create pages for a book that they will later possess. The children’s artwork, displayed in books and traveling shows will transcend languages. This trip will be a pilot program to launch us into our life-long commitment to drive change through art; we plan to conduct Who We Are art workshops and follow-ups with children, and enable other families and artists to follow our lead.

d6246d0015c8eb62ffeb0b53efbf2a14On Returning Home:

We well have a touring art show (already setup for Portland and Seattle) of Michael and Elena’s painting done during and based on their travels. We are also going to feature artwork by the children along side a book and video. We plan to give talks and share our adventures with different civic groups and schools, sharing our adventures, what we learned and hopefully inspiring others to get out of their comfort zones and share their gifts and love of art with others.



Our project Studio Everywhere expands the proposition of leveraging ART as a platform for SOCIAL CHANGE by taking it to the future world leaders– youth across the globe.  Its premise is to deliver art supplies and facilitate children’s workshops everywhere we travel…  We chose a simple and repeatable theme, and feel that working with kids (6-11-years-old) to illustrate “how they see themselves in the world” will open a wonderful storyline of individual expression.  Change starts with the individual – empowering self-awareness and encouraging vivid conversations may become the spark that aspires up a generation for a better tomorrow.

fa81ee78b34b91c39b94c0fcf3b07b32 (1)We further hope to activate a lasting desire for positive social change beyond the project.  While it will be tremendously rewarding to offer support and resources to the children we directly interact with, we envision much greater impact by sharing the story and setting in motion a network effect. 

Art is an international language and a powerful way to seek out the beauty shared across cultural and geographic boundaries, create meaningful connections, enable and celebrate the creative power that can affect positive change.  

Our deliverables will include a digital blog; published report of photos, stories, and data re:  our journey and the actual projects; and an exhibition featuring completed art.  Our bold vision is to use the experience reflection and “evidence” to inform “Studio Everywhere” launching as a non-profit organization to energize future engagement and art-for-social-change projects.

Just as Robert Rauschenberg “used his artistic voice and creative force to help create a global conversation on issues,” we are seeking to activate a new vein of art-based social volunteerism.  We aspire to share our journey and project outcomes as broadly as possible to create a network effect for infinite activism possibilities.   

We envision communities, organizations and individuals stepping up to e.g. sponsor children development programs and art initiatives worldwide, donating their time, energy and ideas to creatively solve some of the hardest socio economic problems of modern day. 

Let us briefly introduce ourselves:

MIKE is a professional oil painter and in addition to actively showing in galleries, he’s also sought after for his art classes and workshops. 

GABY is a business leader who thrives on solving complex problems, learning, and building lasting relationships for optimal impact and outcomes. 

ELENA is a 5th grader in a Primary Years Programme International Baccalaureate® school.  She is a represented artist and each sale benefits organizations she is passionate about.  Her current exhibit is fund raising for Studio Everywhere. 

Project Concept and Support:

Studio Everywhere was conceived from a challenge – how could our family combine our passions for art, travel, learning and making a meaningful social contribution. Once the idea of taking a year “off” and dedicating it to MAKING DIFFERENCE thru ART came about, it quickly grew…  Many we’ve talked to since have responded not only with enthusiasm, but are already contributing research and making introductions, which helps flush the concept out.

The primary partnerships we are working to establish are with:

–          The International Baccalaureate network – IB “aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.” Our workshop theme “Who-we-are” was borrowed from the IB curriculum and we are in dialog with PYP coordinators.

–          Art supply manufacturers and distributors who can kick start providing materials.  Already have commitment from one local company, and are extending negotiations to other art suppliers.

–          Relevant publications and PR agencies, which would help elevate and expand our story’s reach for broader social engagement all throughout the project.

Last summer we piloted the “who we are and how we see ourselves in the world” art invitation in Greece and Bulgaria.  We enjoyed a motley international crew on a Halkidiki beach, and a quiet bunch in a remote Balkan village.  Both projects yielded wonderful pieces and more importantly were interactive, energizing, and are helping further develop ideas of how to extend social relevance both in local communities, and in the context of starting a broader movement and network effect for sustainable social impact thru art.

Framework for Enabling Change:

In modern Change Leadership theory and specific to the Prosci vernacular, for any change to be successfully adopted and sustained, the critical elements are Awareness (why change), Desire (personal motivation), Knowledge (information), Ability (skills), and Reinforcement (ongoing support / reward).  We are modeling our project to address each of these components, and establish a framework for repeated success in using art as the catalyst for positive change.


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