A dream and a stand – About Studio Everywhere


Studio Everywhere” is a dream and a stand.  We look forward to taking the first step in a life long commitment to drive change through art, and plan to conduct “who we are” art workshops with children from around the world.

10304433_728940850518859_3127972163904957498_nExploring how different cultures respond and inviting artful expression will open a unique lens of an innocent and real side of the global community.  We’d like to experience, document and share this positive story, and trust it would open doors for others who may be looking to understand, actively engage, educate, and empower a better tomorrow.

We will travel to nations in Asia, Europe, South America and beyond and invite children to create pages for a book that they will later possess. The children’s artwork, displayed in books and traveling shows will transcend languages. This trip will be a pilot program to launch us into our life-long commitment to drive change through art; we plan to conduct Who We Are art workshops and follow-ups with children, and enable other families and artists to follow our lead.

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